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Culture and Community in Peru (3/9/19 - 3/17/19)

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Tour Details:

Departure City: Dallas/Ft. Worth
Duration: 9 Days
Overnights: Lima 2, Sacred Valley 2, Aguas Calientes 1, Cuzco 2

Cultural Connections:

Pre-Columbian Ceramics Workshop
Janaq Chuquibamba Andean Community Exchange
Pisac Indian Market Visit

Field Trips & Extensions:

Janaq Chuquibamba Andean Community Exchange
Pisac Indian Market Visit
Pre-Columbian Ceramics Workshop

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will become familiar with many aspects of Peruvian culture such as cooking, music and dance.
  • Students will learn characteristics of traditional Peruvian pottery when they engage in a workshop in the Pablo Seminario Ceramic Studio.
  • Students will understand the significance of Machu Picchu to the ancient Incans and will learn the theories of its abandonment.


Mar 9, 2019 Lima
Depart from the USA. Upon arrival in Lima, you’ll meet your ACIS Tour Manager and begin to explore Peru’s culturally rich capital city.
Mar 10, 2019 Lima
Begin the day with a guided sightseeing tour of Lima. Stops includes the impressive Plaza de Armas, the city’s historic hub, surrounded by palaces and other historic buildings; entrance to the nearby San Francisco Church, completed in 1774 and an excellent example of Spanish Baroque architecture; and a visit to the fascinating Larco Museum, filled with precious pre-Columbian art. Later put on some comfortable shoes for a walking tour of the Miraflores neighborhood, an upscale district teeming with shops, restaurants and nightclubs. (B,D)
Mar 11, 2019 Sacred Valley
Say adios to Lima as you fly off to Cuzco, which centuries ago was the capital of the Incan empire. After a drive to the Sacred Valley in the Andean highlands, you’ll visit the town of Pisac and browse its famed Indian Market, a boisterous and dazzlingly colorful open-air bazaar that showcases hand-crafted Peruvian goods. Later, you’ll channel your inner pottery-maker at a pre-Columbian ceramics workshop at Ceramicas Seminario, where clay and culture collide. Well-known artist and researcher Pablo Seminario will teach you how to fashion your own traditional Peruvian pottery, using age-old techniques and tools based on his extensive study of the subject. (B,D)
Mar 12, 2019 Sacred Valley
Today you’ll be immersed in ancient Andean customs, rituals and cuisine during a full-day cultural exchange with the Janaq Chuquibamba indigenous community. Following a welcoming ceremony featuring music and flowers, you’ll learn about the food residents grow and the farming implements they use, then test your green thumb by actually planting crops. You’ll also cook a traditional Andean dish, using savory local ingredients, and sample the results at a community lunch. The experience concludes with a tinka, or symbolic blessing, bestowed in appreciation of this unique sharing between different cultures. (B,D)
Mar 13, 2019 Aguas Calientes
In the morning, you’ll head north to the Maras Salt Mines, a marvel of rustic engineering and ingenuity that features terraced evaporation ponds where residents have been producing salt since the days of the Incas. More intriguing history awaits at the next stop, Ollantaytambo, home of the centuries-old ruins of an ancient Inca hillside fortress and village. Then board the train to Aguas Calientes. Known for its hot springs, this small town is the gateway to the fabled ruins of Machu Picchu. (B,D)
Mar 14, 2019 Cuzco
Take a guided sightseeing tour of iconic Machu Picchu, the mysterious mountainside city built by the Incas in the 15th century and discovered in 1911. Afterward, take advantage of free time to roam the amazing ruins and see firsthand why it’s considered one of the world’s most important archaeological finds. Then enjoy a scenic train ride back to Cuzco. (B,D)
Mar 15, 2019 Cuzco
The day starts with a guided sightseeing tour of historic Cuzco, including entrance to Qorikancha, the ruins of an Inca temple that now form the foundation of a church and convent, and a stop at the bustling San Pedro Market. If you’re equine-inclined, you may choose an optional afternoon horseback riding excursion through surrounding Andean fields and villages. Otherwise, use the time to practice your Spanish in the center of Cuzco, perhaps while ordering a picaron, a doughnut-like snack, or a bag of choclo, a tasty roasted-corn treat. The day concludes with dinner and entertainment at a local restaurant. (B,D)
Mar 16, 2019 Overnight Flight
After flying back to Lima, you’ll have time to explore more of this magical city on your own before departing on an overnight flight home. Perhaps see the regal Presidential Palace, built by Spanish explorer Francisco Pizzaro, or browse through the art and artifacts on display at the Aliaga House, where 18 generations of the Aliaga family have resided since the 1500s. (B)
Mar 17, 2019 United States
Arrive in the USA. Optional Extensions and Extra Nights: Further immerse yourself in the history and culture of Peru with an extra night in Lima, including the services of your ACIS Tour Manager.
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Tour Cost:

Cost Per Traveler: $4,054
Cost breakdown
Program Fee: $3,974
Weekend Surcharge: $80
Total Group Fees 1:
1 Valid through 12/1/18 with deposit of $495

Additional Fees (as applicable)
Single Room Supplement: $760
Ultimate Protection Plan: $270
Comprehensive Protection Plan: $225

Full Payment Deadline: 12/1/18

What to See


Casa de la Mujer Artesana, Av. Juan Pablo Fernandini 1550
This unique women’s artisan center was created to help women in Peru sell their handmade products locally and internationally. Here you will find hand knitted sweaters, scarves, children’s toys and pillows made from pure alpaca wool and cotton. The center was started with the help of Movimiento Manuela Ramos, a feminist group that helps promote gender equity by empowering women. 


San Blas Artisan District
Interested in seeing Peruvian craftsmen at work? Wander over to the San Blas district and watch talented artisans turn a simple paste made of wheat flour, rice and plaster into beautiful statutes of the Virgin Mary and the Saints. The area also boasts a plethora of unique craftsmen who offer up a variety of souvenirs for purchase including beautiful silver jewelry, musical instruments, and even felt hats.

Gringo Alley
Want to be transported from Latin America to Europe for a few hours? Then take a walk down Calle Procurados, also known by locals as “Gringo Alley.”  The street is a tourist oasis filled with great craft shops and tasty restaurants, without the crowds.

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Larco Museum
Are you curious about South American history and culture? Stop in the Larco Museum and see authentic artifacts and art from pre-Columbian times. The museum building is actually a home that dates back to the 17th century. The Larco boasts the largest private collection in the world of Peruvian gold, silver and Pre-Columbian art. Due to the size of the collection, allow yourself at least three hours to enjoy all the museum has to offer.

Gold Museum
Don’t be fooled by the name. Although you are guaranteed to see a fantastic collection of Peruvian gold, the museum is also home to a large collection of jewelry made from silver and precious stones. Some objects are over 3,000 years old. And if you like weapons, you are in for a treat. The Gold Museum has an impressive arms collection including armor, war artifacts and uniforms dating back to 1300 B.C.

Convento de los Descalzos-Convent of the Barefoot
The Monastery of the Barefoot Brothers is definitely worth a trip. Lose yourself in the maze-like structure as you enjoy viewing the vast collection of religious art that dates back to the 16th century. Not to be missed is the Capilla de la Virgen Carmen. Also, take a peak at the ancient kitchen where you will find the equipment monks used to make wine.

Museo Taurino-Bullfight Museum, Hualgayoc 332, Rímac
You don’t need to go to Spain to learn about the ancient sport of bull fighting. The bullfighting museum offers enough information to answer all your questions. The museum showcases photos, weapons, relics from fights and more.


The Pre-Columbian Art Museum of Cuzco
Lose yourself in the ancient cultures of the Mochica, Huari, Chimu, Chancay and Inca people. This museum is not to be missed because it is the only museum in all of Peru that is dedicated to showcasing ancient Peruvian culture. Highlights include a dazzling room of gold and jewels and over 45,000 pieces from the Archaeology Museum in Lima. In addition to the permanent collection, the museum also hosts a rotating schedule of temporary exhibitions.

Museo Inka, Cuesta del Almirante 103
Interested in seeing all things Inca? Head over to the Museo Inka to check out unique Inca jewelry, ceramics, mummies, textiles and skulls. There is also a great collection of objects used as offerings to the gods, including a large sampling of turquoise figures.

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Historic Downtown
Downtown Lima offers the traveler a plethora of ways to engage in traditional Peruvian culture. In the main square, visit the Cathedral, the Government Palace and City Hall. Be sure not to miss the bronze fountain built in the 17th century, located in the center of the plaza.

Miraflores District
Looking for beaches and gardens? The Mira Flores district offers the best of both. Although a busy tourist destination, this neighborhood is a pleasure to stroll through. It is also the modern cultural center of Lima where you will find cinemas, theatre and art galleries as well as excellent shopping, bars and cafes. 

Puente de los Suspiros
Puente de los Suspiros, or Bridge of Sighs in English, is known as a place to enjoy with loved ones. The romantic views of the beach, the cliffs and the ocean have inspired many artists and musicians. Small cafes and gift shops line the bridge, offering the traveler a great taste of traditional Peruvian delicacies.

Parque de las Leyendas Zoo, Avenida Las Leyendas N 500
If you are an animal lover, head straight to the Parque de las Leyendas. Here you will find species native to Peru as well as more traditional zoo creatures including elephants, lions and giraffes.


The Cathedral
From 1550 to 1650, hundreds worked diligently to construct the church in the shape of a gigantic Latin cross. It is now home to over 400 famous paintings. Aside from the main sanctuary, there are 10 other exquisite chapels to explore. The cathedral’s true allure is in the myth surrounding its construction. The legend is that an Inca prince was trapped in one of the towers. When the tower falls, the Inca prince will be free and reclaim the land for his people.

La Compania de Jesus - The Jesuit Cathedral
This beautiful church was built by the Jesuits around 1571. The church is constructed on land that used to belong to the Incan people. The Jesuits were the last religious group to arrive in Cuzco. The conqueror Diego de Silva gifted this land to the Jesuits so they could build this spectacular monument to their God.

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Quattro D, Av. Angamos Oeste 408
On your way to the archaeological site Huaca Pucllana, be sure to stop by this café. A popular spot amongst young couples, there is seating by the windows, a charming staff and over 20 varieties of gelato.

El Catujo, Calle Los Libertadores 108
With a calm and shady atmosphere, this is a wonderful place to escape from the busy streets of the city. You can dine outdoors under a canopy, or indoors in a dining room that has a large painting of an obscure order of monks. The salads are excellent and so is the seafood.

El Señorío de Sulco, Malecon Cisneros 1470
Owned by a renowned cookbook author, this restaurant serves excellent traditional Peruvian dishes like shrimp and potatoes, duck, and meringue for dessert.  Windows facing the sea allow you to watch the sunset on the Pacific while dining. Be aware that reservations are essential.


Fallen Angel, Plazoleta Nazarenas 221
Known to be quite the funky place, this restaurant uses modified bathtub full of live fish as tables! They are also known for their fine Peruvian cuisine and delicious steaks.

La Cholita, Portal Espinar 142-B
For over 50 years La Cholita has been providing Peruvians with sweet chocolaty treats. The chocolates are made from Peruvian cocoa and a combination of fruits, herbs, roots and spices. This unique Peruvian delicacy is not to be missed

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What's Included

  • Round-Trip Flights
  • Daily Breakfast and Dinner (unless otherwise noted)
  • Centrally Located Hotels
  • 24-Hour Tour Manager
  • Double Occupancy
  • Lima Tour with Guide
  • San Francisco Church
  • Larco Museum
  • Lima-Cuzco Flight
  • Pisac Indian Market
  • Pre-Columbian Ceramics Workshop
  • Janaq Chuquibamba Andean Community Exchange
  • Maras Salt Mines
  • Ollantaytambo Ruins
  • Train to Machu Picchu
  • Machu Picchu
  • Cuzco Tour with Guide
  • Qorikancha Temple
  • Cuzco-Lima Flight

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