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2017 Scholarship Winners

ACIS congratulates the following winners in the 2017 Scholarship Contest, along with all the creative writers and artists who entered the competition. Thank you for your submissions!


Grand Prize, High School - $1,000 Scholarship
The Whole World in One Community by Sarah Harmata, CA

Runner-Up, High School - $500 Scholarship
Expanding My World Without Leaving My Community, by Abigail Falcone, OH

Grand Prize, Middle School - $1,000 Scholarship
My World of Harmony by Christina Rivera, MD

Runner-Up, Middle School - $500 Scholarship
The Eagle's Perspective, by Praneeth Abburi, MA


Grand Prize, High School - $1,000 Scholarship

Our World Entwined, by Lauren Dixon, WI

"In my piece there are many categories surrounding "our world". These categories show how the different exports and cultures from around the world influence my life in a small town in Wisconsin." - Lauren

Runner-Up, High School - $500 Scholarship
That Moment When..., by Norah Wilson, OH

"Going to France changed my life forever. I want to be a global citizen and perhaps even live in France. This photo of mine that I recreated represents my passion about international travel and different cultures." - Norah


Grand Prize, High School - $1,000 Scholarship
Tamaliza de los Ronderos, by Brianna Rondero, TX

"Every year, my family and friends come together to make tamales. It has always been one of my favorite traditions because it gives me a chance to share and show parts of my culture that others might not often see. Every year, people of all descendance (this year British, Irish, Scottish, Puerto Rican, Mexican) come together to see and experience a part of my own world." - Brianna

Runner-Up, High School - $500 Scholarship
The World in Me, by Hristina Rivera, IL

 "This photo represents all the places in the world that have shaped me as a person. It includes all the memories that I have made while traveling that have changed my life. I am the sum of all the little photos in the big picture. I am the sum of all my pieces. I am the homemade Colombian food my father makes for dinner every Sunday night. I am the Serbian folklore dancing that I do every Friday. I am one of the only trilingual students at my school. I am all the places in the world that I have visited that have impacted me." - Hristina

Art/Photography (Middle School Only)

Grand Prize, Middle School - $1,000 Scholarship
The World in Me, Jessica Bejar-Garcia, MA

Through reading and friends, I have discovered many parts of the world and their cultures. As a result, each country has become part of me, of who I am as a person. Several white/pink patches remain though, because I am still young and have not explored or discovered all of the world quite yet." - Jessica

Runner-Up, Middle School - $500 Scholarship
Layers, Andria Shafer, NC

"My piece shows layers of culture that build my face. I used layers to demonstrate how simple a person can look, but how underneath, the person can be so incredibly complex. When you look at a person, you see simply a face with no connections. Then, the person may tell you stories about himself or herself and then you see much more - deeper cultures. Once you fully get to know the person, you see the face as more than just curved lines and shadows. That is what I was trying to portray with the different artistic styles used for each layer. My world is wide. Between my mother's side and my father's side, I have relatives ranging from South America to Europe to Asia. On my maternal side, my ancestry is Peruvian, Chinese, Spanish and Catholic. On my paternal side my ancestry is Russian and Jewish. My piece relates to the theme because I drew the places and cultures that created me." - Andria


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