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Register for a Global Conference

Reserve your space by filling out the form below. If you specify below that you are traveling with one or more companions, you will be given the option to register them after you click the CONTINUE button. You may also wish to review the Terms & Conditions available at our download center.
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Guaranteed single accommodations are available for an additional $95 per night on all land overnights for GCs; this does not apply to cruise overnights.
If you do not specify a rooming choice, you will be assigned a roommate.

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Optional Services

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ACIS will bill me $50 per person for extending my ticket plus any additional airline fees.


Triple room at an additional $130 per person per night
Twin/double room at an additional $130 per person per night
Single room at an additional $210 per person per night

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Submitting this registration form acknowledges your acceptance of the following:
I realize ACIS will make every effort to accommodate my first choice of Global Conference. I realize I will be offered the choice of an alternate trip or a cash option if my preferred trip is unavailable. I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions at the download center, for these Global Conferences, including the terms of eligibility, companion trip fees and cancellation penalties. I understand that if I cancel my trip one month prior to departure, I will be subject to the penalties listed in the Global Conferences Terms and Conditions.