Experience the sports
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We believe in the power of travel to open players' eyes and change their lives—every detail of our tours is carefully crafted to help make that happen. At GoPlay, we believe that travel changes lives; it's not just a slogan. Each of us has been inspired to a greater understanding of ourselves, the world, other people and cultures, all through travel.

Our Programs

We offer three program types plus custom programs.

Training Programs


Most Intensive
  • Training Sessions with International Coaches
  • Matches Against Local Competition
  • Off-the-Field High-Performance Training Sessions
  • Exercise Science and Team-Building Sessions
Most Intensive
Sport and Culture

Sport and Culture

Perfect Balance
  • Training Sessions and Matches Against Local Competition
  • Sight-Seeing and Immersive Cultural Activities
  • Tickets to Professional Matches with Behind-the-Scenes Stadium Tours
Perfect Balance


Most Competitive
  • Entry to International Tournaments
  • Pre-Tournament Warm-Up Games and Training Sessions
  • Sight-Seeing and Immersive Cultural Activities Before/After the Tournament
Most Competitive


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Not An Ordinary Tour

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