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Exchange Plus

Your School Exchange + Our Travel Expertise = An Outstanding Educational Experience

ACIS Exchange Plus takes great school exchanges and makes them extraordinary. We apply our travel expertise to school exchanges to ease teachers’ workloads, provide top-notch educational excursions, handle all the travel logistics while on tour and bring teachers peace of mind with our financial security and liability coverage. All this leaves teachers the time and energy to focus on their students’ needs.

Three Good Reasons to Travel with ACIS

1. A Helping Hand

You find (or perhaps you have already found) a school willing to participate in an exchange program and recruit your participants.

And we do the rest:

  • Book your flights and provide ground transportation.
  • Book your hotels when you’re not with your homestay.
  • Arrange professional city-sightseeing tours.
  • Provide a top-quality, 24-hour tour manager during city-stays.
  • Provide liability insurance for you and your school.
  • Manage all billing.
  • Provide Basic Protection coverage and offer the choice of upgrading.
  • Offer 24-hour support your entire time abroad.
  • Provide fun and informative pre-trip materials.
  • Plus, with just six participants you travel free. And, the larger your group the more group leader benefits you’ll earn such as free trips and cash!

2. Quick and Easy Planning

Speak with an ACIS International Program Consultant and he or she will help you identify the factors that will make your trip a success. Once your itinerary is set, sit back and relax and we’ll take it from there—book your travel logistics, arrange extra days in your arrival or departure city with included educational activities, and manage the billing and payment collection from all your students.

3. Peace of Mind

Partner with ACIS Exchange Plus, and you can rest easy knowing that you and your participants are protected every step of the way. As a subsidiary of AIFS, we carry a $50 million General Liability Insurance policy that covers teachers and school districts while on tour.

ACIS participants are automatically covered under our Basic Protection Plan with standard health coverage, program cancellation/interruption and travel delay protection. For extra protection, participants may choose to upgrade to our Comprehensive or Ultimate Protection Plans.

The safety and well-being of our participants is always our primary concern. Our 24-hour Emergency hotline handles all emergencies quickly and professionally. Our worldwide presence means an ACIS representative is never far away. And of course, we constantly monitor global developments and travel conditions to ensure a safe environment.

ACIS Exchange Plus Mentor

ACIS has been successfully helping teachers organize school to school exchanges for years, but don’t just take our word for it.

ACIS has a network of teachers committed to changing lives through school to school exchanges who are willing to speak with other teachers about traveling with ACIS. If you would like to speak to a veteran exchange plus group leader, simply contact your ACIS International Program Consultant and s/he will put you in touch.