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Every teacher that considers leading an educational tour wonders what the experience will really be like. Comparing companies. Planning. Tour managers. Safety. This stuff is on everyone’s mind. After discussing these issues with hundreds of teachers over the years, we decided to pose the most common questions to teachers who’ve been there and done that to see what they had to say. Let their experience be your guide. And if you have more questions, let us know. We’re always happy to chat.

What's it like to travel with someone other than ACIS?

These teachers have traveled with both ACIS and other companies. Hear what they say the key differences are.

How do I explain that ACIS' prices are worth it?

Gain confidence in realizing that the best value for your students doesn’t come from the lowest starting price.

Why are centrally located hotels so important?

A hotel is more than a place to rest your head; it’s your home base and will shape your day.

Will I feel secure bringing someone else's children overseas?

Nothing is more important than safety. Desiree explains how ACIS eases her concerns.

How does ACIS stack up in the planning process?

Learn how we help teachers navigate the pre-trip timeline.

If something happens on tour, will ACIS be there to support me?

Travel companies show their true colors by how they react when not everything goes according to plan.

What's most impressive about ACIS Tour Managers?

“The tour managers are what makes or breaks a trip.” See how ours “make” it!

Will ACIS Tour Managers relate to my students?

Find out what it means for teenagers to gain a mentor, role model and friend overseas.

Can I personalize anything about my itinerary?

Does group travel mean having to accept a tour “off the rack”? Not with ACIS.

Do ACIS tours fit with my school’s evolving curriculum?

From leadership to service learning to STEM, ACIS has you covered.

Do these trips really change students’ lives?

In the midst of all the planning considerations, it’s important to remember why we all do this in the first place.

We Dare you to Compare!

Choosing the right educational travel company is an important decision. To make an informed choice, you might find a FREE Competitive Checklist comes in handy.