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Apply to be a Tour Manager

To apply you need to be an EU national, or entitled to work within the EU.

Please read the job description in full and check that you meet the requirements before applying using the link at the bottom of the page.

ACIS is an educational travel company. We work in partnership with US teachers to provide them and their students with the highest quality educational tours available. Most of the students are first-time travellers, so to go on a tour with ACIS is, literally, to have the experience of a lifetime. To work as a Tour Manager with ACIS is to be a central part of that experience.

We have finished recruiting for the season and will start again in October 2018.

What is an educational tour?

Our tours last between ten days and two weeks. They may be based entirely in one city, or take in several countries. Teachers can choose a tour from our catalogue, or create their own itinerary. Whatever they decide, the tours are designed to give students a variety of authentic experiences. We combine scheduled activities with plenty of free time. We introduce the students to the major places of interest, and encourage them to explore on their own. We help them to learn about Europe, and to have fun while doing so. ACIS works in partnership with educationalists in the US to ensure that our tours are relevant to US curricula, and we have a programme of academic credit for travellers.

What is a tour manager?

The tour manager is a key part of the tour, central to its success. S/he meets the group when they arrive, and stays with them until they go home. S/he is teacher, organiser, listener, diplomat, leader, problem-solver, entertainer. We employ a broad range of people, from all walks of life. What they all share, though, is a genuine interest in the peoples and places of Europe, and a desire to share this with others. This is an unusual and challenging job, but the rewards are great. ACIS provides unrivalled training and support for tour managers. This ranges from comprehensive pre-tour preparation, to immediate 24-hour back-up throughout Europe during the tour itself.

Who travels with ACIS?

We bring around 15,000 people a year from the USA to Europe. Most of our groups are from high schools, and in addition we bring younger (middle school) and older (college or adult) groups. Most of our teachers teach liberal arts subjects, and they have usually travelled with us before. They assume responsibility for the welfare of the students in their charge, and trust their ACIS Tour Manager to deliver the ultimate educational experience as well as ensuring the smooth running of the tour. ACIS guarantees centrally located three- and four-star hotels; and the most modern transport available.

Encore and Go-Play Tours: we also specialise in sports tours (Go-Play) and choral and instrumental performance tours (Encore). Encore is a blossoming and vital part of the ACIS picture.  Due to the overwhelming success of Encore over the past few years we are especially interested in Tour managers who would like to work with choirs and orchestras as well as our regular trips. For further information about Encore Tours please visit their website http://www.encoretours.com.

What does the job involve?

Our groups come to Europe looking to learn, and to enjoy themselves. The tour manager is very much involved in helping them achieve both of these aims. S/he has responsibilities that divide into three areas; educational, group management and operational.


Group Management


What are the job requirements?

We are looking for people who have:

Additionally, for Encore Tours:

Additionally, for GoPlay Tours:

Please Double Check the Below Requirements:

To apply you need to be an EU national, or entitled to work within the EU. This is seasonal employment. Our busiest periods are in March/April (particularly around Easter), and June/July. We need people who can work for both long and short periods.

*The minimum is 10 consecutive days in the spring and 10 consecutive days in the summer.

What are the benefits? We have finished recruiting for the season and will start again in October 2018.

For more information, contact:

ACIS Tour Manager Department AIFS (UK) Ltd
38 Queen's Gate London SW7 5HR
telephone 020 7590 7474
email tm_dept@acis.com

About ACIS

ACIS stands for the American Council for International Studies. We are the educational travel division of the American Institute for Foreign Study.

ACIS has been leading the field in educational travel since 1978. We enjoy a very good reputation. We are committed to maintaining our position through innovation and, most importantly, listening carefully to our clients and employees.

For Tour Managers, this means the security of working with the best and most experienced in the business; and the knowledge that the company is always on hand to provide assistance and support.

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