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Travel with ACIS in 2019

Travel changes lives, and with ACIS you are guaranteed an exceptional educational journey. For 2019 travel we have expanded our program offerings. Now, from east to west and north to south, we have you covered with 200 exceptional itineraries. We hope to partner with you to help you fulfill your educational goals and exceed every expectation.

Student Discounts

Register by November 1, 2018 for great deals.

$300 Off!

Save $300 on all 60 Explorer Value Trips. Traveling with ACIS has never been more within reach!

$100 off!

Students registering for any other ACIS international program will save $100.

Travel Tour Group of Students in Madrid

Teacher Benefits

We want you to know how much we appreciate you organizing an ACIS international trip. Here are some of the ways we say thank you!

Teachers Travel Free

Book an ACIS trip, register six or more students (or just five for first-timers!) and you’ll travel absolutely free.

World Traveler Rewards

We're thrilled to introduce our brand new loyalty program, the most generous in the industry. Global Conferences, travel scholarships, cash rewards and tour upgrades are some of the ways we say thank you for partnering with ACIS and changing your students' lives. Simply earn points for each participant in your group and redeem the points for the rewards of your choice.

Barcelona Training Weekend

First-time ACIS group leaders earn a special training weekend in Barcelona when they enroll just 6 participants by November 1, 2018. Familiarize yourself with an ACIS experience, meet staff and fellow group leaders and have a lot of fun!

Private Tour

Make any tour a private tour and enjoy the additional convenience and flexibility that provides. Simply register 25 participants on a 2019 Insider or Classic tour, or 30 participants on a 2019 Explorer tour by October 1, 2018.

Large Group Bonus

Lead a large group, earn a large reward. With groups of 25+ earn bonus World Traveler Reward points that you can use towards, Global Conferences, travel scholarships, cash rewards and tour upgrades.

Referral Bonuses

Tell a friend about ACIS tours, and earn up to $1,000 or a free spot on a global conference. Once your friend or colleague completes a trip with us, we’ll send you your bonus. 

The benefits and discounts on this page apply to our international programs. Trips to the U.S. and Canada have unique rewards.