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Student Ambassador Program

Ready to grow your group?
We know life is busy—a Student Ambassador can help! Nominating a motivated student to be your Student Ambassador is an easy way to help you promote the trip and get participants registered.

5 Easy Steps to Student Ambassador Assistance:

Step 1:

Select a student or students (who is/are committed to travel with you). Students could also make a direct request to you to become your Student Ambassador. To help you choose, you may opt to have interested students complete an application, write a short essay or otherwise provide you with an indication of their commitment.

Step 2:

Explain the program and the benefits (s)he can earn.
(see Program Details below)

Step 3:

Inform the student’s parents and get them on board as your advocates too.
(see example text)

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Step 4:

Encourage your Student Ambassador to engage with ACIS on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Specifically, make sure they’ve joined the ACIS Student Ambassadors Facebook Group.

Step 5:

Work with your Student Ambassador to promote your tour throughout the year, using the Activities Checklist. Sign and submit the completed Activities Checklist to ACIS by January 31st.


Program Details

How do I choose the right student to nominate?
Choosing the right person can make a big difference in how effective this program is for growing your group and easing your time commitment. Look for someone who:
  • is committed to traveling and ready to register
  • has expressed the most interest and excitement about the trip
  • is motivated, goal oriented, outgoing and involved at school and in the community
  • is in good standing with the school and any extracurricular programs
  • has parent(s)/guardian(s) that are also excited and likely to get involved in a positive way
If you have many students interested in being your Student Ambassador, lucky you! You may wish to hold an essay contest or other qualification activity to get a better sense of who is most motivated to provide assistance.

What are the benefits for the Student Ambassador?
It’s an honor for a student to be selected as a Student Ambassador and a win-win for both you and them. You can use the benefits explained below to help get your chosen student(s) and their parent(s) even more excited.

Student Ambassadors have the chance to play a role in making sure they and their friends get to travel abroad by encouraging enrollments. They can especially help to shape their own travel experience by encouraging their friends and family to register.

The role is a great boost to college applications and resumes, with the opportunity to learn valuable marketing, communication and business skills. Plus, it demonstrates leadership, creativity, drive and responsibility.

Student Ambassadors will also receive entries into a raffle to win their ACIS trip for free! They earn one raffle entry for every item completed on the Activities Checklist. The more active they are in helping you recruit, the more chances they have to win! One free trip winner for each calendar year will be selected from the raffle entries.

What are other ways I can encourage and reward my Student Ambassador?
Here are some additional suggestions for ways to incentivize your Student Ambassador’s role and participation:
  • Award academic extra credit
  • Spotlight the Student Ambassador at your parent trip meeting
  • Spotlight/thank the Student Ambassador with a special gesture during your tour
  • Profile and recognize the Student Ambassador on your teacher/class/trip/school website or blog

Can I have more than one Student Ambassador?
Of course! Every Student Ambassador for a given group who submits a completed Activities Checklist will receive entries into the free trip raffle.

What happens after I select my Student Ambassador?
They can start promoting your tour right away!

Together you and your Student Ambassador can refer to the Activities Checklist for suggested way to promote the tour and generate enthusiasm. Check off the ones your Student Ambassador completes and write-in anything additional that they do. Be creative! 

What is the deadline for submitting checklists?
Signed, completed checklists must be received by ACIS’ Boston office by January 31st of the calendar year in which your tour departs.

When do we find out who won the free trip?
The winner of the free trip raffle will be announced by February 15th of the calendar year in which your tour departs. All trip costs already paid will be refunded to the winner at that time.

Where do I send completed checklists?
a. Mail: ACIS Student Ambassador Program, 343 Congress Street, Suite 3100, Boston, MA 02210
b. Email: info@acis.com, Attn: Student Ambassador Program
c. Fax: 617-450-5601, Attn: Student Ambassador Program


Have additional questions?

Please email info@acis.com or your international program consultant. We're excited to get you started!