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Sample Hotels List

We can't think of a better way to provide you with a superior overseas experience than to offer you and your participants centrally located, 3-and 4-star hotels. A hotel in the heart of a city's center allows you to feel the pulse of all the things that make a city unique. While the budget companies might save you money initially, they don't save you from the hassle of being an inconvenient bus ride away from the Eiffel Tower, the food markets of Madrid or Rome's beautiful squares. These places come alive at night. ACIS hotels allow you to experience a city's culture morning, noon and into the evening.

We're extremely proud of our list of hotels. Click a city below to see a map of sample hotels in our most visited destinations. (TIP: You may need to zoom out to see the location of budget providers' hotels.)

Sample Hotels List for Europe Tours






If you’d like to see sample hotels for a city other than those listed above, please contact us.

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