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Benefits for Teachers

We want you to know how much we appreciate you organizing an ACIS trip. Here are some of the ways we say thank you!

Be Our Guest on a Global Conference

Enroll enough students on an ACIS trip and you will be our guest on one of our global conferences. ACIS Global Conferences are an invaluable chance to share ideas and gain fresh perspectives from educators who share your commitment to global learning. While at your global conference you will:
  • Meet with ACIS staff and educators from around the US, including experienced group leaders, who will share their tips and advice.
  • Discuss how to integrate your curriculum and teaching goals into your ACIS trips.
  • Share ideas for bringing the lessons and experiences of international travel back to the classroom.
ACIS Global Conferences are also an excellent way to discover and learn about new destinations. Participants enjoy exclusive sightseeing tours, gourmet round-table dinners and breathtaking sights. And while no two conferences are exactly alike, each includes airfare, accommodations, breakfasts, excursions and more.

Learn more about how to qualify for a global conference and browse global conference itineraries. For a sneak peek of what awaits, check out the photo galleries from recent conferences.

If You Can't Getaway, Choose the Scholarship or Cash Option

Not sure you can travel on a Global Conference? No problem. You can forgo travel and instead choose a scholarship to award to the student (or students) of your choosing. It's a great way to grow your group. Or, how about some cash? If you prefer the cash option over a Global Conference or a scholarship, we'll send you a check.

Whether it's travel, scholarships or cash, there's a reward for everyone!

Even More Great Benefits, 365 Days a Year

Teachers Travel Free

Book an ACIS trip, register six or more students (or just five for first-timers!) and you'll travel absolutely free.

Early Registration Deals

Register early for your next tour and you’ll not only save your participants money, you’ll enhance your own rewards too. Enjoy lower global conference qualification requirements, large group bonuses and more.

Ultimate Protection Coverage

While you’re planning your trip, and during your time abroad, we want you to be stress-free. That’s why ACIS automatically provides group leaders and assistants with Ultimate Protection Plan coverage.

Referral Bonus

Help us spread the word on the high quality tours, generous group leader benefits and transformative experiences ACIS provides and we’ll thank you…with cash or travel.

Browse Global Conference Itineraries

Browse Global Conference Itineraries

View Photo Galleries from Previous Conferences

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