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Student Ambassador

What’s this all about?

Student Ambassadors are motivated and creative, and they help their teachers make the dream of touring abroad a reality. As a Student Ambassador you get to share your enthusiasm for travel and possibly earn a discount off your tour or even a free trip!

ACIS Spain

The perks:

  • Help make sure you and your friends travel abroad by encouraging enrollment from the people you’d most like to travel with.
  • Boost your resume and college applications, with the opportunity to learn valuable marketing, communication and business skills. Plus, it demonstrates your leadership, creativity, drive and responsibility.
  • Fun contests you can participate in for the chance to win cool prizes.
  • The chance to earn a $100 discount.
  • The chance to possibly even win your trip for free!

High School Travel

The role:

Student Ambassadors assist the group leader’s efforts to enroll tour participants by spreading the word within the school and community. It’s a fun job to do—talk travel!

Fill out the application form to become a Student Ambassador and join the ACIS Student Ambassadors Facebook Group. Once your status is confirmed, use the Activities Checklist for suggestions on ways to spread the word and generate excitement. Examples include assisting your teacher with the parent trip meeting, writing an article for the school or local newspaper and actively posting about your excitement for the trip on social media. The more you do, the better your chances of winning your trip for free!

Check-off (or write-in) your efforts  throughout the year, then submit the completed Activities Checklist back to ACIS. Each completed activity earns you an entry into the free trip raffle. You can earn also $100 off—learn more below.

PLUS! Every Student Ambassador will be able to participate in contests and challenges hosted by ACIS for the chance to win cool prizes like a GoPro camera, Beats by Dre, fun travel accessories and more. Make sure to connect with us on social media and check your email for notifications.

The Finer Points - Learn More

The details:

Helping to ensure that your once-in-a-lifetime trip happens just the way you hoped can be a reward all by itself. And ACIS wants to recognize your efforts too.

To claim your ACIS benefits: send a completed Activities Checklist, signed by your group leader, to ACIS by January 31st of the year your trip departs.
  • Every Student Ambassador is eligible to receive a $100 discount off the cost of his or her tour as long as the group maintains a minimum of 15 enrolled participants.
  • Every Student Ambassador will receive entries into a raffle to win their trip for free. You will receive one raffle entry for each item you complete on the Activities Checklist. Raffle entries will also be awarded for additional write-in activities at the discretion of ACIS. There is no minimum group size required to be eligible for raffle entries. The more active you are in helping your teacher recruit a group of travelers, the better your chance of traveling for free! From among the raffle entries received, one student will be selected to travel on the ACIS tour for free. Any trip costs already paid will be refunded to the winner at that time.

When do we find out who won the free trip and whether a Student Ambassador has qualified for the $100 discount?

The winner of the free trip raffle will be announced by February 15th of the calendar year in which your tour departs. All trip costs already paid will be refunded to the winner at that time. Student Ambassadors who earned the $100 discount will also be notified by February 15th and a credit will be applied directly to their account. Anyone who is overpaid at that time will receive a refund check in the amount of overpayment.

Next steps:

Eager to get involved? Talk to your teacher about wanting to become their Student Ambassador and fill out the application form today!

Apply Now

Current Contest

Calling all Student Ambassadors traveling in 2017: You could win your trip for free or qualify for a $100 discount!

Submit your completed Activities Checklist to ACIS by January 31st. Mail to ACIS Student Ambassador Program, 343 Congress Street, Suite 3100, Boston, MA 02210. Or scan and email to info@acis.com, Attn: Student Ambassador Program.

Creative Trip Promotion

Check out the nifty ways Student Ambassadors have helped to recruit travelers and generate excitement for their upcoming tours.

Creative Student Video

Student Ambassador Madison S. from Pennsylvania went the extra mile and put together this buzzworthy video to recruit more of her peers to travel on her school’s Spring Break China tour. In addition to sharing this video via the morning announcements, Madison also helped her teacher add excitement to the parent meeting by making invitations with Chinese candies and cooking several Chinese dishes for attendees!

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